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In 2000, with a newborn son, I became a stay-at-home dad. Our first house was definitely a fixer-upper. Seriously, all there was were light bulbs and many things needing repair. Knowing virtually nothing, I started doing work on basic things that needed to be addressed, like changing out that one bulb. Once I got the basics taken care of, it progressed into projects that we desired and which were more involved.

We ended up selling that house, and as we moved to another, the cycle repeated itself; buying - fixing up - selling. The diversity of all the projects gave me a toolbox of knowledge and diverse experience of which I like to share with others. Humbly, I've been blessed with: Honesty, Integrity, Honor, Trustworthiness, A respect for all, Detailed Oriented and lastly a sense for humor.

Again, humbly, I believe these are the traits of a person that I would like working on projects within MY home. The biggest – trust. My goal will be to earn yours.

I really enjoy helping people out - it's my nature. I am a people person and love to help people realize dreams they have for their home. As I like to say, "I'd do it for free if I didnt have to eat."



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