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Homeworks strives to prove that through every step of a project with an exemplary caliber of service and quality of work. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say…

I realize there are a plethora of decisions of choosing the right contractor. Obviously performing  due diligence is certainly fundamental. That is a start.

In selecting a contractor to perform work at your home there are a few things that you might want to consider.

  • Bid amount –  A homeowner always seems to go with the lowest bidder, but not so fast.


  • Low bidders - Unless you have done some background research on a particular contractor going with the lowest bidder might likely get you sub-par results. You get what you pay for and paying for a job well done at a competitive amount will give you the best satisfaction at a fair price.

  • High bidders – There are contractors that might come in high. Don’t necessarily steer away from them either. There may be extenuating circumstances in a rare instances that could justify selecting one.

  • In-between bidders – You might say “ah, I’m just going to pick one in the middle”. That might not be the way to select a company either. Look at experience, references, interview traits, etc in making an informed decision.


  1. Organization of their business


  • Look at: References, Testimonials, Established Business Documents, Professional Business Organizations, Contractor Networks, etc..


  • References – If someone refers someone to you, most likely that would give you a head start in your selection.


  • Testimonials – Are provided testimonials informative? Are they diverse?


  • Established Business Documents -

    • Are Articles of Organization in order?

    • Is the EIN (also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)) provided to the client?

    • Are business liability insurance(s) in order and current?


  • Professional Business Organizations – Are they serious about growing their business? I am a current member of Business Networking. International (BNI) which is a like-minded small business owners informational group. We share leads with others that are based on principles, ethics, professionalism and trust of each others.


  • Contractor Networks – There are certainly times that a specialist is needed. As an example, maybe a licensed electrician may need to be summoned. Does the contractor have access to various trades? I do. I have a vast network of tradesman, and if needed, to draw upon.


  1. Meeting the Contractor -The contractor wants to ensure it is a good fit as well.


  • Do you get a good vibe from a contractor? Is he professional, respectful, knowledgeable?

  • This an interview for you as well as the contractor. When talking with a person, listen not only what he says but also how he says it. There could be times that he might not know a particular skill within the scope, but he might act in a way that he thinks he can do it. Granted, every job is different, possibly requiring specific skills. An experienced contractor knows that and they might even tell you that. It’s the contractor that comes in thinking they are a know-it-all or cockey are the ones you might want to watch out for, and at the very least, their demeanor


There could be many additional factors that could weigh-in on selecting a contractor but this a good start. It’s your home, it’s your hard-earned money. Do a little homework. Choose wisely. Feel good about your selection. When the project is completed, hopefully you will possess a comfortable feeling about the decision and (“Homework”) you have conducted.

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